Are you a Survivor of Sexual Violence? Do you know someone who is?

The STTARS Program is here for you!

We all have a right to safety – to have our boundaries respected and to make choices about what we are comfortable with – at home, school, our workplaces, online, and in public spaces. 

Victims should never be blamed for what has happened to them.  We need to hold individuals who commit abuse accountable.  We must improve expectations for how we interact with one another, strengthen policies to support survivors, and increase dialogue around the issue of sexual violence. 

Each of us has the power to change the way society responds to sexual abuse, harassment, and assault.  We can all make a difference to ensure that the communities that we interact with are safe and respectful for everyone.  It is a priority at the STTARS Program to encourage communities to take responsibility in creating spaces that are built on the foundational values of consent, keeping children and other vulnerable populations safe, and believing and supporting survivors.

We Are Here For You.

All services through the STTARS Program are free and confidential.

If you are in need of assistance please fill out the form or call:

Suspect Child Abuse?
Call PA Childline at 1.800.932.0313