History & Mission

The STTARS Program is here for you!

Since 1982, the SPHS CARE Center STTARS Program has been providing a variety of services throughout Washington and Greene Counties in support of survivors of sexual violence and their significant others. It is our mission to work toward communities that honor the rights and dignity of sexual violence survivors, encourage diversity, work together in seeking justice for those affected by violent crime, and promote education with the goal of ending sexual violence.

The STTARS Program strives to provide holistic and inclusive services that focus on the needs of the survivor first.

We believe that every effort made to ensure that a survivor is treated with respect will enable them to have a voice and move forward in recovery.

Sexual Violence

An umbrella term that includes any type of unwanted sexual contact – either in person or online – including sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. 

Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault are widespread problems.  We know that, in the United States alone, nearly one in five women and one in 67 men have been raped at some time in their lives (Smith et al., 2017), and that one in six boys and  one in four girls is sexually abused before the age of 18 (Dube et al., 2005).

Sexual violence happens in all communities – and that includes online spaces. Each of us has the power to change this.  We  can all make a difference to ensure that both the communities that we live in and the communities that we visit online are  safe and respectful for everyone.

We see you. We hear you. We believe you.

We must believe survivors when they disclose.

Instead of asking why victims didn’t speak up sooner, we need to ask how we  can change our culture to be more supportive of survivors.  It takes an incredible amount of courage for a victim to come forward.  Challenging and changing beliefs that are conducive to violent and harassing behaviors starts with believing survivors when they  share their stories.

Respect • Equality • Safety

We can all help to foster attitudes that promote healthy relationships, equality, and respect.  Our actions have an impact on  those we teach, guide, and influence.  From modeling healthy behavior to addressing inappropriate conduct, everyone can  make a difference. 

We Are Here For You.

All services through the STTARS Program are free and confidential.

If you are in need of assistance please fill out the form or call:

Suspect Child Abuse?
Call PA Childline at 1.800.932.0313