High School Youth

Acquaintance Rape

This program identifies danger zones and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.  It covers the characteristics of acquaintance rape, alcohol and drug facilitated sexual assault and the impact that sexual violence has on victims and those close to them.  Special attention is given to defining Consent and the importance of Bystander Intervention. 


NetSmartz is a research-based program that teaches students about the potential dangers of the internet and gives several tips and true stories on avoiding any harm.  Key to the training is the discussion about maintaining privacy and safety while utilizing social media. 

In Touch With Teens

This is a four-part series discussing multiple issues that affect adolescents and healthy development including sexual harassment, safe social media usage, developing healthy communication skills, and assertiveness.  Sessions can be tailored according to the needs of the school district or community group. 

Sexual Harassment

The purpose of this curriculum is to help teens define and identify sexual harassment; to encourage them how to talk about how it affects them emotionally and physically, and to help them develop effective responses and solutions to the problem.  This program is recommended to be done as a series of at least 4 sessions.

Teaching Tolerance: Perspectives in a Diverse America, a curriculum from the Southern Poverty Law Center

This program engages students in anti-bias, multicultural, and social justice education.  Research has shown that addressing bias and encouraging acceptance in a community will decrease the incidence of sexual and other types of violence that occur in that community.  This program is delivered as a 4-part interactive series by incorporating an anti-bias framework which includes core lessons on identity, diversity, justice, and action.

Bringing in the Bystander

This curriculum is comprised of 7 modules centering on sexual violence prevention.  Research has indicated that this program is effective in changing attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors among participants in order to create safer environments focused on violence prevention and safe bystander intervention.

We Can Stop Abuse Project

The WE CAN Stop Abuse Project is a comprehensive approach to sexual violence and assault prevention for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Skills are actively taught, encouraged, and reinforced, and assist participants to gain assertiveness and make healthy choices in their everyday lives.

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