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We Can Stop Abuse Project

The WE CAN Stop Abuse Project is a comprehensive approach to sexual violence and assault prevention for individuals with differing abilities, both intellectual/developmental and physical. Skills are actively taught, encouraged, and reinforced, and assist participants to gain assertiveness and make healthy choices in their everyday lives.

We Can Caregiver Training

Based on resources developed by PCAR, this program is designed to teach skills to professionals, parents, and caregivers who work with older adults, and individuals with intellectual and developmental or physical disabilities. Participants will develop skills to:

  • Understand why those with differing abilities are highly vulnerable to abuse
  • Identify both physical and behavioral signs of abuse
  • Recognize different types of disclosures and how to handle those disclosures in a trauma responsive manner
  • Safely intervene in red flag situations
  • Report suspected abuse
  • Collaborate with victims services to support survivors in the recovery process
  • Acknowledge vicarious trauma and prioritize self -care

Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

Approved by the State of Pennsylvania’s Departments of Human Services and Education. This training is eligible for Act 48 hours and meets the requirements for training under Act 126. This training also includes continuing education for licensees in a health-related field and meets the requirements under Act 31. 

  • 2 and 3 hour trainings are available
  • The training covers several aspects of the Child Protective Services Law, including definitions and categories of abuse, duties of mandated reporting, how to make a report, and more

Preventing Sexual Harassment at Work: A Holistic Approach

Developed by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR), this training is designed to support local employers in implementing a holistic approach to preventing workplace sexual harassment.

Customized training and consultation will do the following:

  • Assess workplace climate related to sexual harassment prevention and policy
  • Strengthen workplace policies and procedures
  • Build employees’ knowledge about sexual harassment and skills as engaged bystanders
  • Enhance the abilities of managers, supervisors, and human resources professionals to respond to reports of sexual harassment and promote a safe and respectful workplace.

Parents in the Know

A four-part curriculum for parents and caregivers that focuses on recognizing and questioning the behavior of adults.  We utilize in-depth discussions, activities, and role plays about boundaries, bystander intervention, reporting of child abuse, responding to disclosures, and healthy sexuality.

Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development

This presentation is geared toward parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators.  It helps adults to understand the sexual development of children and respond in ways that promote healthy development.

Recognizing and Responding to Human Trafficking

This is a workshop designed to raise awareness about the issue of Human Trafficking.  Participants will learn about the types and causes of trafficking, resources for victims, and how to recognize and report signs of trafficking.

Information given is essential for those working in service industries and human services agencies.

Senior Bullying

Our senior bullying curriculum focuses on issues surrounding aggressive behavior in facilities and community centers catering to older adults.  Interactive activities help participants to problem solve for various types of confrontational behaviors.  The program promotes pro-social and caring environments.

Sexual Assault Volunteer Training

Designed to prepare individuals to volunteer with a victim services agency, this training can range between 10 and 40 hours based on the individual’s interest and comfort level.  The training focuses on understanding trauma and responding to survivors of sexual assault, as well as increasing knowledge of prevention principles and how each of us can play a role in ending sexual violence in our communities.

Young Women’s Lives

A 10 session group program designed for young women, Young Women’s Lives is designed to celebrate and enhance strength, experience, creativity, and intelligence, while curtailing destructive behaviors and supporting successes.  Through this group, we strive to create a space to talk, hear one another, and hear the voices of women in the community.

Surviving and Preventing Violence

This four session program works to educate survivors of or those at risk for sexual abuse or other types of violence by helping to identify and name experiences of violence and abuse and to validate feelings and struggles.  Through this group, we promote peer support and reduce isolation that comes with being a survivor of violence, as well as teaching a new language for understanding and communicating experiences to help with healing and the prevention of future abuse.

Parents Guide to Navigating Digital Safety

Based on resources from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s NetSmartz program, this presentation is for parents, guardians, and community members and discusses a variety of topics to keep children safe online and while engaging with social media.

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