Preschool & Elementary Children

The SPHS CARE Center STTARS Program provides specialized prevention at the pre-school and elementary level utilizing the following curricula:

3 Kinds of Touches

For Pre-K - 3rd grade

This program helps children identify safe, ouch, and uh-oh touches by giving developmentally appropriate examples of each.   Children are taught that there are parts of their body that are private zones.  They will also learn a safety plan and be able to  name trusted adults specific to each child.

Care for Kids

For Pre-K through 2nd grade

Care for Kids is an early childhood health based sexual abuse prevention program.  This comprehensive approach to child abuse  prevention aims to build self esteem, respect for self and others, and avoidance of sexual coercion.  It also promotes open and  respectful communication between adults and children.  A parent workshop associated with this program is available.

We Care Elementary

For 3rd - 6th grade 

We Care is a continuation of Care for Kids and has a specific focus for each continuing grade level, including communicating and  understanding feelings, setting boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others, and recognizing and responding to harassment. 

Girl Power

For 5th and 6th grade

Girl Power is an educational series for pre-adolescent girls.  The program is comprised of school based groups of approximately  8 girls that meet weekly for discussion and emotional skill building activities.

Expect Respect

For 4th and 5th grade

The purpose of this curriculum is to improve the success of schools as effective learning environments by helping to establish a  school-wide expectation for common respect.

Teaching Tolerance

Perspectives in a Diverse America, a curriculum from the Southern Poverty Law Center
For 2nd -5th Grade

Research has shown that addressing bias and encouraging acceptance in a community will decrease the incidence of sexual and other  violence in that community. This program is delivered in a 4 part interactive series incorporating an anti-bias framework including core  lessons on identity, diversity, justice, and action.

Children’s Mindfulness Series

For Elementary - 2nd grade

Kids can have big emotions.  Our Children’s Mindfulness Series helps to teach children practical skills about how to manage them.   Lessons utilize a combination of inclusive stories focusing on anger, fear, worry and isolation, along with activities that teach coping such as mindful breathing and positive affirmation.  There is also an emphasis on empathy for others and where to turn for assistance  if needed. 

We Are Here For You.

All services through the STTARS Program are free and confidential.

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Suspect Child Abuse?
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